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The Paupered Chef drinks toddies, too!

December 10, 2006

hot toddy goodness 

Winters in Boston are rough, especially for a California girl like me. One thing that has made the last three years easier is the hot toddy. I had my first toddy the night of the first snowstorm my first winter in Boston, and it’s been true love ever since. The Crystal and I have experimented with other Winter Mascot Beverages, but nothing else matches the sublime simplicity of the toddy.

I think I actually squealed with glee when I saw that The Paupered Chef featured some toddies last week. And they have it totally right: when you’re cold and grouchy and feeling less than awesome, nothing beats a toddy for knocking the bad right out of you.

Over the years I have come to believe strongly that the simpler, the better when it comes to the toddy. I’m not a big fan of tea-based toddies (although, for some reason, I’ve never thought to try Constant Comment, which might actually be awesome). Just straight up hot water is best, because the other flavors are kind of strong on their own. About a tablespoon or so of honey, a shot of whiskey (I’m a fan of Jameson’s), and a slice of lemon, just squeezed a little bit. And awesomeness ensues!

When I was in New York we went to Dean & Deluca’s (and I was envious yet again of all those lucky bastards who live in New York), and I decided to by some fancy ass honey–wild Maine raspberry, from bee raw. I wasn’t sure it would really make a difference, but holy hell! It really did. It adds a creamier, more interestingly sweet taste–not as cloying as clover honey can be. So freaking good.

I love toddies. I love them to death. They are my hero.

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