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Menu for Hope

December 20, 2006

Menu for Hope

This year my parents refused to tell me what they wanted for Christmas. “Just donate to a charity,” my mom suggested, and I scoffed at the computer (we pretty much only communicate through email). No packages to open? No pretty shiny baubles to send through the mails? Charity? Bah.

Of course, my first thought was to donate to Planned Parenthood, as the raging pro-choice feminist that I am, but somehow I felt that donating in my parents’ name to Planned Parenthood just wouldn’t give the right message.

Then, I remembered the food bloggers’ charity: A Menu for Hope, and I want to tell all of you about it, too. This year, A Menu for Hope is raising money for the UN World Food Programme, and so far have raised over $36,000, which is pretty freaking amazing.

You can donate in increments of $10, and each $10 also gets you a raffle ticket in a drawing for all kinds of interesting food-related prizes.

The donation window closes this Friday, so get to it while you can and give some money to a worthy cause.

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