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Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger

January 6, 2008

I don’t know where the rest of December went, or the first week of January, at that. I was in San Diego, blissfully enjoying 60 degree weather and brunches on the back patio, and somehow, in the midst of all the delicious holiday food and friends and family and, did I mention, 60 degree weather, I didn’t sit down to share any of it with you, my probably-no-longer-so-faithful readers. I mean, I even brought my digital camera apparatus with me and everything, but not once did I get around to uploading pictures and writing out a simple recipe. I have failed at this whole blogging thing, it seems.

But now it is a New Year and I’m re-invigorated and yes, I do have lots to share. There was a lot of baking around the holidays, of course, including some new favorites and some old favorites and a not that great chocolate chip cookie recipe, which, well, I guess I won’t share. And tonight…tonight I’m making pot roast. One of my not-a-New-Years-resolution things I’m going to try to do this year is re-committing to my previous posting regularity, and sharing something here at least once a week.

Come back later today and there will be food.  I promise.

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